Masterclass '' Underwater Champagne '' at the Merano Wine Festival

Masterclass ''Underwater Champagne'' al Merano Wine Festival

Since 1992 the Merano Wine Festival has been held in the splendid setting of Merano, an event dedicated to wine excellences and prestigious wineries, which in a few years has managed to carve out more and more space in the wine and gastronomic world, to become one of the most important.

Given these considerations, it was an honor for Jamin to be invited by the WineHunter in person, Helmut Köcher , founder and patron of the Festival, and be included among the Highlights.

On Monday 11 November the hour granted by the organization was not enough to satisfy the curiosity of the very few lucky ones who participated in the "Underwater Champagne" Masterclass , where the CEO of Jamin Emanuele Kottakhs with the collaboration of the professional Sommelier Andrè Senoner, gave birth to a unique event.

The "Cloe Marie Kottakis -52" , famous for its version with 18 months of underwater aging in isopressure, was for the first time world-wide compared with its counterpart with 24 months of aging, not yet on the market.

With the guidance of experts for the participants it was a unique opportunity to analyze and discover differences, points in common, peculiarities of the two products, both coming from the same underwater cellar in the protected marine area of Portofino but with 6 months of evolution of difference.

Special thanks to Andrè Senoner and Monia Zanette of Gambero Rosso for the support, and of course to the Merano Wine Festival for the invitation!

Keep following us for the next news on 24 and the even newer 12 MONTHS!

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