Champagne Underwater - 52 on Repubblica

Champagne Underwater - 52 su Repubblica

A great honor to have been cited by Repubblica and the Founder of Wine Hunter as the Trend Topic of the Merano Wine Festiva 2019

The Underwater - 52 champagne by Jamin il cloe Marie kottakis -52 officially entered from the depths of the sea of Portofino at the entrance as High Light of the Champagne CatWalk

It was the year of the 500th anniversary of Leaonardo da Vinci, the year of sustainability and as Leonardo da Vinci (not known to all but a winemaker and wine expert) said"make wine as I say and you will have a good wine"; it can be said that despite the climatic changes and the rising seas, wine can still be done as there is the Underwater method of Jamin Cantine Subacquee Portofino

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