UnderWaterWines ID


Jamin wants to enhance the uniqueness of the bottle through a system of certification of authenticity and information on the characteristics of the wine purchased.

This is why the next refined bottles will be equipped with an authenticity chip that you can use on this site, to get even more complete information and immerse yourself in the world of UnderWaterWines.





Track & Safe technology

Each bottle is equipped with an RFID chip that allows the bottle to be recognized through the mobile phone. Once scanned (with any mobile phone) the chip allows you to discover all the characteristics and the past of immersion of the wine, to guarantee the customer and to check the originality of the bottle and the origin of the appellation.

The chip is placed between the cap and the sealing wax that covers it. In case of contamination of the bottle by sea water, the chip will be damaged first, allowing the control and recognition of the damaged bottles even before opening. This guarantees the healthiness of the product for both the manufacturer and the customer.

Once the bottle is opened, the chip is irreparably damaged by the corkscrew, guaranteeing that the same chip can be used on a single bottle.







An example of what you will be able to see thanks to your Jamin ID: