Champagne Underwater - 52 on the Corriere Vinicolo

Champagne Jamin sul corriere vinicolo

Wine is made "also" in water!

Jamin portofino underwater champagne

Sea and ChampagneIn the world of undersea wines there is another experience that is making a name for itself, it isthat of Jamin Portofino Srl eunites Champagne againwith the sea once again inLiguria but precisely in Portofi-no. MoreoverEmanuele Kottakis, one of the founding membersof Jamin, is a friend of GianlucaGrilli and, like him, comes from aanother world than agricultureculture. I am in charge of creating groups, networking, and I have cer-cato to do so in this toochance tells us Kottakhs, of Greek origins but very Italianmo -, the maximum ambition wasset up a consortium seb-well be aware that you-cloth something that is not onenaming is not practical-bile. I left with Gianluca(Tenuta del Paguro,ed) and nowwe have come to form ainternational working group-which compares monthlymind by poolingdata and experiences. The differences-ze are huge, from vines tophases of refining to the territories,each has its own resulttato and to the question if it cansay that wine improves theshifts was that not at allthe cases definitely improves,but in all cases certainlyit's different, that's the keyfor us. The purpose is then alsoto be able to get toa manual / document thatdefine what it means to doa wine product in the seaor in lakes, trying to excludegive who interprets the thing aloneas a souvenir production.Those who make wine at sea are dividedin two - Kottakhs specifies - albeyond the thousand differences there iswho watches what happens outsideand who looks at what happens-de inside the bottle, oursgoal is to pay attention toboth aspects..Here, in your case, what a bot-tiglia let's talk and what happenswithin it Jamin is borne by three founding members autofinan-as an innovative start-up,the idea was to interveneon the classical method, to do it therewe are aimed at two big pros-but not Italian producersthey were interested, so are wewent to Champagne. Have-mo dipped our 3,000bottles in the marine area pro-Portofino tit presentingthe first results at the end of 2018, alseventh year from the beginning of theEducation. The results were like thisalso interesting at the level ofmarket that we have becomedistributors of ourselves. Tor-nando to the bottle whatit is evident after agingat sea is a greater inte-gration of carbon dioxide-ca, a very fine perlage, as wellto an empowerment and an accessacceleration of evolution. Butit's not just about evolution-ne, the breaking element is thatwhile I take this tripover time I also manage to stay-optimize and perform the pres-internal sion and the finesse of the a-carbon dioxide, which insteadout of the water with timegoes to decrease. And how ar itr-shore to this result Thank youe to a precise strategy madeof compensation of massesenergetic, equipollen-za isobaric, analysisof ultraviolet etemperaturesre for example. Theours is a pro-I process that yesbased on the ana-lysis of the colon-of water pre-feel in the area enot replicable in other areas, in the chosen backdropthere is no ultraviolet, there is oneconstant temperature of 13-14degrees, a current of 437 herzlow intensity that cradles emoves the internal mass of thethe bottles and, above all, to 52meters of depth we havefound the perfect equivalencein terms of pressure with 5.7 / 7bars normally found ina bottle of Champagne ein correct energy with the no-stra (about 6 bar). Dealing with aall the effects of Champagne,indeed we can confirm ofbe the first in history aduse the word underwaa-ter on a Cham label-pagne, let's dip the bottleswith a traditional cap incork. To protect healthhowever we have applied onecapsule in sealing wax and resin ofrubber, that is, a cap-filterwhich is part of our patent,that blocks the entry of micro-organisms but allows the mi-cross-oxygenation, as far as athose depths of oxygen cethere is little and it is good. The problems-however, they did not end here,in the first surfacing I amyou popped 1,000 bottles becausethe pressure change wastoo sudden, today the pro-process is divided into three dayswith similar decompression stopsto those used by divers. A process full of ideas thatby Jamin Portofino, which it seemsis meeting the interest ofsome producers from other areasItalian wineries, Bolgheri in thethe specific, and foreign, againFrance but with two new pros-different scholars.

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